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Dragons flying in the sky
Swooping down and soaring high
Mighty wings, so awe inspiring
Always moving, never tiring

Outlined against a yellow sun
Giant shadows, having fun
Rising, diving, again repeating
In a game of dragons, meeting

Jeweled bodies in the light
A golden wingspan, shining bright
Powerful tails in joy entwining
Playing, while the sun is shining

Oh, how wondrous is this sight
When great dragons show delight



  "Dragon's Lullaby"
(Sung by the Mother Dragons)

Rest warmly dragon eggs
In this nursery cave
Grow very strong Dragon babies
Feel our loving thoughts

Listen quietly to our lullabies
Little Dragon babies
You are loved so very much
By your Mothers here

Hear us softly speak to you
Sweet Dragon babies
Sleep peacefully in your shells
Until the time is right

Feel treasured and welcome
Precious Dragon babies
Hatch quickly from your eggs
We are waiting with love

"Flying Song"

Spread your wings far and wide
Be the master of the air
Gliding on the thermal flows
Be a flying Dragon

Leave the rocky mountain cave
For the freedom of the sky
Exercise your golden wings
Be a flying Dragon

Soaring high through the clouds
Feel the mist on your wings
Swoop down to the mountaintop
Be a flying Dragon

Flying high and flying strong
Giant shadows on the wing
Owners of this airy kingdom
We are flying Dragons!

"Learning Song"
(Sung by the young Dragons )

We can see our Mentors coming
Wisest Dragons of them all
We bow our heads to show respect
And keep our wings folded

We listen to our Mentor?s teaching
Telling tales of long ago
Sharing wisdom, they have gathered
Ancient wisdom of our past

We share the knowledge of our Mentors
It is an honor to be here
We listen carefully and pay attention
Wisdom is passed on again

We show respect to our Wise Mentors
We hope to be like them one day
Continuing in our ancient traditions
Knowledge is never lost.

"Mother's Song"
(Sung by the Mother Dragons)

Let us sweep the cave with joy
Clean the dust of the tiniest rock
Make it suitable for our eggs
Perfect for our babies

Let us lay our golden eggs
Tend them with our loving care
We sing our tender lullabies
To make our babies grow

Let us speak the words of Love
Softly to our treasured eggs
Make sure that our babies know
How welcome they will be

Let us gather in this special cave
Be as one in happiness
Mother Dragons, all together
Waiting for our babies

"Hatching Day Song"

All of us are gathered in this cave
Waiting on this special day
Filled with rapture and excitement
Because today is Hatching Day!

Ancient Mentors are arriving
Their protégés are by their side
Taking their places in anticipation
Because today is Hatching Day!

Mothers are waiting, softly singing
The ancient lyrics fill the air
Their joyfulness is a glow around us
Because today is Hatching Day!

Fathers tired, from bringing the food
Are proudly sitting in the front
Awaiting the cracking of the shells
Because today is Hatching Day!

We have come here to be together
Joined in joy and happiness
To sing a welcome to our new babies
Because today is Hatching Day!

"Lonely Song"

I am "Cloud" the grey dragon
The only one of my kind
All other young Dragons are a green
I know I am different?

Other dragons have golden wings
Mine are a shadowy grey
I am a ghost, living in a sea of colours
I know I am different?

I hope for a miracle every night
Maybe I will turn blue
The morning comes, with me still grey
I know I am different?

I want to be like other young dragons
Sometimes I feel so alone
Their adult colors are starting to show
I know I am different?

My name is "Cloud" the grey Dragon
I am the only one...

What a Dragon Might Do
By Chris

A long time ago, way down by the bay

On an ancient island a Dragon lay

His muscles relaxed and strength magnified

His jeweled body glistened as it lay in the tide
He saw, though it was dark,

through the corner of his eye

A knight on his sturdy steed,

the Dragon took to the sky

The air was thick with smoke

from the dragon's fire

Having the dragon dead

was the knight's greatest desire

An arrow struck the Dragon! 

He made an awful sound

As he dropped from the sky,

plummeting to the ground

The splash was tremendous,

the noise was so loud

As the knight rode off

feeling so very proud

But this was a trick, everyone was fool

In this land where the dragons ruled

That dragon lived and may be alive today

But if you ever see one,

remember: keep at bay

For if you see one,

he'll definitely see you

And you never can tell

what a dragon might do

The End of the Dragons
By David Bankson

Teeth of silver, talons of gold,

Dragons did live in the days of old

They flew where they like,

they ate what they wanted,

Like dwarves and elves,

and the humans they taunted,

They ate more than that,

they ate many more,

And if it got in its way,

they'd chew up a door!

But one starry night, a man got fed up,

He pulled out a dagger,

and held his sword up,

He yelled into the air, "I will succeed,

I will kill the last of them,

if it's what the world needs!"

So every day of his life,

he slew the deadly beasts,

He did what was best,

what he thought, at least.

Till finally one was left,

he found him by a hill,

He was standing all alone,

standing very still.

And finally one spoke

to a human that day.

He said, "My time is over,

I shall die anyway.

I am very old,

and these bones are weak.

My skin is very feeble,

My wings are no more sleek.

So don't worry about me,

I'm dying as I speak.

My heart is failing me,

and broken is my beak."

"Sorry to hear that,"

said the warrior to he.

"I shall go home now,

and my family I shall see.

I'll tell them that they're gone,

that I have killed the last.

And I can die in peace,

now that dragons are the past.

The Dragon's Feast
By David Bankson

See the shadow of the dragon on the moon at night
See the little people running for their lives in fright
The angels of grace thinking only of gore
They?ll eat all the cattle just to have a little more
The glistening eyes from the demons of the sky
They can hypnotize the soul, but nobody knows why
Telepathic powers and strength of the gods
Gives them an advantage that beats all the odds
Elves and orks and humans alike
All have a fear of the dragon's great bite
And nobody dares to fight the great creature
For there's something to fear of its every little feature
As the moon wanes away and readies the morn
The dragons sees his body fully adorned
The blood of his victims glistens in the morning sun
And the dragon knows his feasting for that night is done.


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